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Product Quality Warranty:
Anfiber Technology Limited is dedicated to providing its state-of-the-art products that will meet customer satisfaction through product innovation,operational excellence and quality improvement.We are qualified for the high quality assurance.

All products have minimum quality warranty of 12 months after the date when the customer receives the products.

All products are manufactured by ISO 9001 certified facilities,comply with various industry standards specifically applicable to the products.All products are of first-class quality among the same products available on the marketplace.

During the warranty period,if the products are faulty,out of specifications,deteriorated on performance and quality,we will replace them free of charge.
Quality warranty does not cover damages caused by incidents,incorrect handling,negligence,harsh operating environment that is not recommended for the products, or unauthorized repair/maintenance by the customer.

Quality is the ultimate standard for us on products.We will only deliver products that exceed our stringent requirements and tests.Our strong team of design and application engineers provides continuous support to customers throughout the life of the product.